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Watch HBO’s ‘Baltimore Rising’ Documentary

Baltimore Rising is an HBO documentary, directed by Sonja Sohn (one of the stars of the HBO series The Wire). The doc follows activists, police officers, community leaders and gang affiliates, who struggle to hold Baltimore together, even as the homicide rate hits records levels, in the wake of Freddie Gray’s murder. It explores the challenges of change when change is hard.

The documentary premiered the Monday before Thanksgiving and didn’t get much promo or fanfare. In fact, I found out about doc after seeing a trailer during a random late-night Instagram binge. When done properly, documentaries can be powerful tools to spotlight events, individuals and situations that require additional attention. Not to mention, in today’s chaotic ‘fake news’ era, prospective beyond talking heads are crucial in creating the dialogue, which can ultimately lead to action and change.

Thankfully, HBO posted the full documentary on YouTube. It’s free and worth watching.



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