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The Hit List: Kashif Boothe’s ‘imperfect.’ Web Series

It’s no secret that dating can be a headache. And in the age of social media, where it’s easier than ever to cast a wide net, dating can get particularly stressful. It’s nothing to go from liking photos and sliding in DMs to swiping left and adding someone to the block list. With dating being big business (hey, apps!) and a necessary evil of life, it comes as no surprise that film and television have jumped on board to tell these stories.

Enter Kashif Boothe. An award-winning writer, director and producer from the U.K, and the creator of the new web series imperfect.

imperfect., a spinoff of the comedy web series Nate & Jamie, winner of the 2018 Screen Nation Digital is Media award for Favorite Web Series Ensemble, follows friends Michelle and Sam as they navigate the often-unsettled terrain of love.

After a public breakup with her now ex-boyfriend Jamie, we meet an emotionally broken Michelle (Lauren Douglin), who isn’t looking for a relationship. That is, until she runs into an old fame, Derek (James Merrill). This Drake look-a-like might have put Michelle in the friend zone in college, but he’s determined to shoot his shot, and rekindle what they had. Will she take the bait?

Michelle’s DFF, Sam (Abbie Samuel) is on the prowl for the perfect man, and isn’t willing to compromise her lofty expectations for anyone. “I like what I like, and I will find him.” Sticking her guns, Sam takes to a new dating app, Love at Your Fingertips, to find Mr. Right. What she gets is Jason (Abayomi Oniyidie), an average guy who challenges her perfect guy prototype. Is Jason Sam’s sweet dream, or will this be a beautiful nightmare?

The relatability factor comes into play when watching imperfect. We all know a quintet like Michelle, Sam, Drake’s brother Derek, and Jason; and if we don’t know them, perhaps we’re one of the them. Boothe creates strong, relatable characters on a journey worth following.

Check out the first two episodes on YouTube to see how the story unfolds.

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