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Living With Intent: Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway

Feel the feel and do it anyway.  – Susan Jeffers

We all go through things. We’re human. It’s part of the journey. But when we go through our things, we try to get out of them as fast and as unscathed as possible. Never really allowing ourselves to feel and adjust to what’s happening in the moment. Many of us do not allow ourselves to be present for what is happening to us. We are not in the now. Our brains have been trained to look more so to the future than to rejoice or mourn how we are feeling about what is happening to us right now. Thinking “Better days are ahead”, we often actively strategize on how we can remove ourselves from what is happening instead of feeling the fear and allowing it to motivate us. For example: Relocating or making a career change is scary. No doubt about that. You may fear inadequacy, unfamiliarity and/or the unknown result of your decision. But allowing the fear to stop you from making those bold moves does more than just stop you in that decision making moment. Its your fear of the future. And the future is not what you need to focus all of your attention on. If your intent is to have a better life or to “upgrade”, being bold about your decision is a present action. Your future is will change as a consequence of the decision to be fearless NOW.

“The question isn’t who is going to let me. It’s who’s going to stop me?” – Ayn Rand

Feel the fear of moving through the stress, the scary times, the unknown and the unfamiliar. Be bold. Do it anyway.

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