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Monté & Toni are back with an all new episode of The Outspoken Siblings Podcast! Skrrt Skrrt!

Coming up with a proper title for this episode proved to be more of a task than we imagined, so we opted for Migos’ favorite ad-lib.

#TheHitList returns as we discuss new albums from Ella Mai, Quavo, Amerie and Mario. Quite the quartet, right? Plus, the OG Scream Queen Jamie Lee Curtis is back and kicking ass onscreen and at the box office. We stan! We checked out the new Halloween movie and have thoughts. Lots of them.

We’re also spotlighting some of our biggest supporters and favorite creatives, including Meish & Daff, hosts of the Puff Puff Give Podcast; E, host Lyrics Matter and Porsha, owner of BlackInkWhitePaper.

As always, there’s a lot to unpack, so grab a seat and get into this new episode.

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