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ep. 61 – Thin Ice. Thin Ice, Girl

Your favorite siblings are back with an all new episode! We haven’t spoken since our last show in July, so we’ve missed you. So, naturally there’s load to catch up on.

Toni celebrated a birthday in August and has learned a thing or two since reaching a new milestone; Monte gets a bit introspective and shares his experience perched in that uncomfortable space of healing the past and growing. Life updates are always good, but comedy is where the party resides. From Monté’s call to stop letting people play in your face to Toni making it clear the type of boss she doesn’t want to be — oh, let’s not forget the collective dragging one Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo gets — this episode is all the things you enjoy about The Sibs,,,and probably some things you don’t. insert nervous smile

Like the previous 60 episodes, “Thin Ice. Thin Ice, Girl” contains strong language. Listener discretion is advised.

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