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Ep. 60: Loud Ass Variants

As summer roars on and we’re seemingly headed toward another lockdown, COVID isn’t the only thing with rising numbers — apparently cups of DUMB are running over.

For fiirst time in a month,Monté & Toni reconvene to discuss the latest happenings in pop culture. From ignorant rappers and wealthy actors unwilling to bathe themselves or their children and telling us about it to world-class athletes prioritizing their mental health, it’s a sh-t-show and apparently we’re all invited. The Sibs unpack it all in record time and in true Sibs fashion — uncensored and straight to the point.

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This episode is brought to you in part by Luna Baby Holistic Care Co. Luna Baby Holistic Care Co. is a resource for birthing families. Healing from the inside out through self advocacy, self care, and self discovery. Visit for more info and check out The Shop.

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