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Living with Intent: You Can. End of Story

The Sibs are back with all new season of the podcast. With the new season comes a new installments of Living with Intent: A Self-Care Series by The Sibs. As heard on the season premiere, this season we’re all about the journey. Sharing and encouraging each other as we do the work on our journeys – both personal and professional. Living with Intent is not only a weekly look at health, wellness and how to do better, but a chance for us to further peel back the layers as we navigate this game of life. You’re not alone; you’re not crazy, trust us – we’re all trying to figure this shit out.

STREAM: SEASON 4 EPSIODE 1: The Journey (Feat. Abbi of SHELVES Bookstore)

When’s the last time you finished something? Like, actually completed a full task? If it’s taking a minute to remember the last time, you’re not alone. Life has a weird way of leaving us with a lot of unfinished business. Thankfully, every day we wake up is a chance to inch a bit closer to completion. Completion of what exactly, you ask? ANYTHING.

As we tip-toe closer to November, the change is in the air. You see it in the leaves, you feel it in the chilly, Fall weather. These changes are noticeable. Other things are changes without us always noticing but that doesn’t mean we have to ignore them. This time of year offers you a chance to see results from investing in yourself. So why not read that book, send that resignation letter in, begin that workout plan, etc. Why not see something through to completion? The triumph you feel after not only following through to the end but for having the self-confidence to believe you could do so to begin with.

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Have a winner’s mentality as you work through your something. Decide that by giving up, you in turn, are only giving up on yourself. And nobody’s gonna have you back like you’ll have your back. So trust in your ability to make it to the end. Try reading a book from cover to cover, work through a recipe – buy the ingredients (no shortcuts), follow them precisely, and eat some good food, or run a complete mile (no walking). See how many more things you’ll be willing to tackle and scratch off of your list this season as we head into another decade in just nine short weeks.

You can. End of story.

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