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SEX – Because it’s good for you

I want to talk about something that most of us do, want and often times need – SEX.

It’s not taboo. Yes, many of us were taught to forgo the act until marriage or even until we’re ready to reproduce. But sex is not this obscene, pronographic, condemning act you should be afraid of. You’re an adult, you can decide when and with whom the time is right to go there with. No shame in needing some morning head or late night lovin’. Sex is literally the force of life. Without it, well… you know how babies are made. No shame in self-pleasure either, hell no babies can be made or STIs to be transferred that way (unless of course, you share your toys then the risk of disease is possible).


According to WebMd, regular intercourse (1-3 times a week) can lower blood pressure, strengthen your immune system and lower the risk of heart disease and attacks. It also counts as an act of exercise, burning about 5 cals per minute, which is 4x more than you burn watching tv. Time between the sheets has proven to put yo ass to sleep. After orgasm, the hormone Prolactin is released, which is responsible for relaxation and sleepiness. And if you’re anything like me and millions of others, anxiety clings to you like white on rice. Getting laid is an often prescribed antidote for that. Being touched, held and caressed by your partner sends feel good hormones down your spine and through your brain. Arousal eases you into releasing brain chemicals that trigger the pleasure and reward part of your brain. And who doesn’t like a little give and take 😉?

There’s also the spiritual side of sex. Two bodies aren’t just two bodies anymore. They’re  transferring energy between one another, exchanging the most detailed parts of each other. Call it “catching feelings” if you want, it’s inevitable not to feel someone as they move inside of you or vice versa. We’ve been played into thinking the best way to not catch feelings is to disconnect but in return, you miss out on half the experience of sex by disconnecting. Tune into your sexuality, explore ways to add more pleasure, look into your partner’s eyes and deepen the connection between you two. You’ll be amazed at how much more orgasmic and arousing your love making becomes when you tap into a deeper side of what it means to connect sexually.

Listen, all I’m saying is go get you some! Don’t let the overwhelming stress of life get in the way of having a much needed good time. Especially since you now know how good it is for your health, it’s an excuse to have more sex! Be safe, wear condoms and whatever you do sis, leave that fuckboy alone. Find yourself a nicer bad boy, fuck boys don’t deserve the cat and you don’t deserve the problems that come along with him.

Counting down to 2020! Have a good week✌🏾



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