Living with Intent: Starting Over doesn’t require permission

The Start Over

In a world where second chances aren’t guaranteed, starting over isn’t the worst thing that can happen to you. It’s not getting a ‘do over’ that sucks, but we’ll talk about that later. Without getting all Instagram inspirational guru on you, starting over is a privilege not afforded to many. In short, it’s a blessing!

When you’re given a chance to start over, you’re able to adjust whatever is was that didn’t pan out the first time. You’re able to fix flaws in your plans and its execution. Naturally, mistakes are inevitable, and nobody is perfect, but that’s why starting over is sometimes essential to you making it to the next step. Take it from us, starting over is part of our ministry. Since starting on our podcasting journey nearly two years ago, we’ve learned the importance of starting over. Granted, it was not always apparent that we needed to take time to start over, but in the end, we’re grateful we did. Taking the time to assess where we are, determine if we’re meeting our goals, setting new goals, filtering in what works and filtering out what does not, has been vital to sustaining the platform we’re creating. Like with everything in life, it’s a process.

Picture this: You’ve recently earned a degree in business and you’ve landed your dream job. Fast forward a decade, and despite your professional success, you’ve become jaded by it all. You’re no longer motivated or fulfilled by the job that was once a dream. You feel lost and like this is it. Though you’re unhappy, you figure this is the end of the road. You’re having visions of you becoming the older employee who hates their job and their coworkers, but still comes to work because there are bills to be paid. We all know that person. Believe it or not, you have options. This doesn’t have to be your reality.

Eliminate what no longer serves you and embrace starting over. Whether it’s a career you’re no longer passionate about, a relationship – platonic and romantic – that no longer fulfills you, or any situation that does promote positive physical and mental health – eliminate it. Start over.

Starting over is quite an adventure. One with many twists, turns and revelations. It’s a long hike that requires you to be equipped for the terrain. You’ll need food and hydration (things that promote positive physical and mental health), an open mind, and a willingness to trust and be patient with yourself. Starting over is a process, one that should not be entered lightly; but one that, if done, could open doors to worlds you couldn’t imagine. Trust yourself and enjoy the journey.

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