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Living With Intent: Own Your Creativity

Are you tapping into your creative potential? Do you think you’re too old to skate or dance or become something you always dreamed of being? Well let me stop you right there to remind you that you’re never too old to do anything, especially something that sets your soul on fire. We each are born with a gift/talent, it’s totally up to us whether we decide to use it or not. But if you don’t use or explore it, you’re missing out on part of who you are. Part of what makes you well… You!

Shine Text writes: “In order to own your creativity, you first need to discover your specific mean of self-expression. Ask yourself, “what gives me meaning?”, “what brings me joy?” and “what environment or situation am I naturally drawn to?”. There you will begin the quest to find what brings out your most creative side. Or perhaps you already know and have just neglected it for fear of not being the best at your craft. But who says you have to be in it to win in? What’s wrong with being a non-competitive creator? (If you’re the competitive type and want to go for the gusto, by all means, be my guest!)

Majority of the point of tapping in to your creativity is fulfillment. You don’t have to use your craft for sport or competition. There’s also those “small details” like joy and satisfaction, that make living the creative life all the more worth it. Creative for the sake of being happy, doing what you love. But if you find yourself in a room full of flexible yogis who, like you, are considering becoming yoga instructors or photographs surface from another photographer of the same building you had your eyes on or if all the other weekend warriors in your run club can hit an 8 minute mile and you’re still struggling at 12. None of this means matters. It doesn’t mean you should stop. It actually means you should stay in your lane and do what you do because it brings you joy. It takes courage to choose the creative life. And by doing so, you agree to some of those around you simply being better. And that’s okay too. Just remember,

“It might have been done before, but it hasn’t been done by you” – Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic


As emotional as the guy is, Drake had a point when he told us to “Own it, own it, own it. Go own that shit! It’s yours.” Own your creativity because it’s truly part of who you are. Don’t dim your light so others can shine. Be the Sun – it doesn’t give a damn about blinding people with its greatness, it shines bright anyway.

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