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Living with Intent: It Takes A Village

African Proverbs says that “It takes a village to raise a child”. Hell, it takes a village to raise an adult too. Because behind every strong and successful being is someone or a group of someones who helped along the way.

The village is your support system, be it, friends or family. The village includes the grandparents who assist with before and after school care for your kids. The friends who come over to help you study for a major exam. The significant others who believe in your dream and support you unconditionally in the process of chasing them. The village is anyone who helps along the journey of getting you to the destination. But let’s not forget, the village also includes the rejections, cancellations and failures in life. While they are figurative, they teach literal lessons. Hence, how we know “the struggle is real”.

It may appear to be noble and often makes for a greater tale, but no one really gets to the top, middle or even stays below, by themselves. Someone or something motivated them to rise or fall to that point. Even if it is only one person, we each need that person. That person who “feels” us, who can empathize even when they don’t fully understand and who will congratulate you and actually mean it. We all need a right hand (wo)man.

Be intentional with showing gratitude to your village as often as possible. They may be a fraction but nonetheless a part of the reason you are able to make the moves you make. When you win, its a win for your whole team.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together”

To the village behind The Sibs: Thank You! Your support means more than you know.

And from one sib to the other: Thank you for being my person ❤

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