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Living With Intent : Know better, do better

“When you know better, you do better. What does that mean in your life? What are you still doing that you know better and you keep repeating the same mistakes? Knock down the obstacles for yourself. Nobody can do that but you. If you’re sitting around waiting on somebody to change it for you, NOT GONNA HAPPEN.” -Oprah Winfrey, Super Soul Conversations Podcast

We each have things in our lives, big or small, that we know good and damn well we should let go or shouldn’t be doing. But we push it aside in our minds so that we don’t have to deal with it. I know my vegan lifestyle more often than not turns into vegetarian when I have pizza. I know my belly will ache and I know my ass will continue to get wider but what do I do? That’s right! Have another slice. And I don’t feel guilt or shame. I feel good actually because it tastes sooo good. That is until I look in the mirror at my ever changing waistline & think damn, I shouldn’t have had that extra slice of pizza. I know better, have known better for quite some time but I’m just not ready to do better.

Deriving from the late, great Dr. Maya Angelou, “When you know better you do better”, couldn’t be better advised by anyone else. For many years, I have heard Oprah saying this quote. Monté and I have said it plenty on our show. But it hits different when it applies to you.

As you work through your intentions, remember that we’re not striving to be perfect. We’re simply trying to get the most out of short lives. YOLO. We’re striving to reach our fullest potential by making small changes to our everyday life. We understand that “Success is the sum of repeating small habits everyday” Once you’ve figured out your do better area, apply pressure and be consistent. So tell me, what do you know now that you didn’t know then? What has been your best personal Know better, Do better moment?

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