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Living with Intent: You Are Capable

You are capable of more. You are capable of all that you speak into the atmosphere and even more that you put your mind to. You are restricted only by the expectations and limitations you set for yourself. You can lose the weight. Write the book. Get the guy/girl. Start the podcast. Travel to the destination. Save the money. Buy the house. Go back to school. Apply for the job or start the business. Declare your independence from your parents, rocky relationship or faulty friendship.

You have more power and resources at your fingertips than you give yourself credit for. Be the change you wish to see in the world, starting with your own life. In the end, you have to save yourself, no one is coming to rescue you.

This week, take some time to be introspective, for real. Take a deep look inside & decide where you’re going from here & what’s been holding you back. Set aside 5 minutes a day for stillness. Allow the answers to your questions to find you. Its not your job to have all the answers, its your job to ask the right questions and openly and willingly receive the answers, whether you like them or not. Because sometimes the direction we’re headed in isn’t the one intended for us. We have to be willing to redirect and, as we discussed last week, start over.

Its time to grab hold of each balloon you’ll need to float you off the ground. Soar high into the sky because there is no limit. You can fly as high as you wish to go. As Puff/Diddy/Brother Love and Ma$e said “Can’t nobody take my pride, can’t nobody hold me down, oh no. I got to keep on movin’!”

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