• Episode 3 – You Don’t Own Me

    Welcome to the Outspoken Siblings podcast with Monté & Toni! The SIbs are back and battling the post Thanksgiving hangover. Kanye West is in his feelings; Aretha Franklin gives the National Anthem a C.O.G.I.C. makeover; Bette Midler stars as Bette Midler and Rest In Paradise or Peace or Power to Carol Brady aka Florence Henderson. […]

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  • Episode 2: U Name It, Patti (A Thanksgiving Extravaganza)

    Welcome to the Outspoken Siblings Podcast with Monté and Toni! The Sibs are back and sharing their favorite Thanksgiving memories. From turkey necks and Trump checks to 90’s R&B peen sponsored by Colt 45, it’s a full plate of pop culture and petty with a Patti Pie on a side. Plus, Dawn Richard drops a […]

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  • Episode 1: The Others

    Welcome to the Outspoken Siblings Podcast with Monté & Toni! On the series premiere, siblings Monté & Toni keep it about the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. Recorded just days after the election, The Sibs aren’t too happy. Scratch that — they’re pissed. With emotions running high, the […]

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