• Living with Intent: You Are Capable

    You are capable of more. You are capable of all that you speak into the atmosphere and even more that you put your mind to. You are restricted only by the expectations and limitations you set for yourself. You can lose the weight. Write the book. Get the guy/girl. Start the podcast. Travel to the […]

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  • own-your-creativity

    Living With Intent: Own Your Creativity

    Are you tapping into your creative potential? Do you think you’re too old to skate or dance or become something you always dreamed of being? Well let me stop you right there to remind you that you’re never too old to do anything, especially something that sets your soul on fire. We each are born […]

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  • Living with Intent: Don’t Quit

    “The temptation to quit will be greatest just before you are about to succeed” Have you ever met a successful person who quit on themselves? That’s because they were persistent in their efforts and diligent in honing their craft. Small business owners, innovators, students, inventors are just some of the professions who are constantly visited […]

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