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Q’uet Lipz: Lipstick and a Legacy

“No one left anything for me, so I have to leave something for my kids.” That’s how Que Terrell, owner Q’uet Lipz (pronounced Cute Lips), describes the mindset in launching her lipstick line in June 2018.

Ep. 46: Queen & Slim & Que

quit-lipz-logoIn episode 46, the West Philadelphia native calls into the show to share the story behind her line of matte lipsticks. Inspired by her daughter’s love of makeup, the mother of two turned what began as a “side hustle” into a legit business.

“I said, this gotta be my baby. I really, really have to go hard, and put some paperwork behind this. I got my LLC, and trademarked Q’uet Lipz,” she shared. “And I encourage everybody, whatever you’re going to do — because you don’t anybody to just come up from behind and snatch it from you — get some paperwork behind it.”

From West Philly to shipping internationally, Que takes pride in the hard work she’s put into Q’uet Lipz, wearing each of the 8 colors palettes currently available before releasing them to the public. “I hope [you] love the products as much as I do! It’s not a dry matte — it has moisture, it’s waterproof, vegan, and cruelty free. Plus, it lasts long!”

“Q’uet Lipz is going to be the next MAC. That’s my goal.”


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