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Michael & Janet. Beyoncé & Solange. Monté & Toni? Not quite. But, it doesn’t take long to understand why this sibling duo is worth getting to know.

Born and bred in the “City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection,” Monté & Toni are The Outspoken Siblings. Using life lessons and every day experiences as their compass, this pair mesh the worlds of pop culture and comedy on their (mostly) bi-weekly podcast.

So, who are The Sibs? Funny you should ask.

An opinionated Sagittarius, whose preferred form of cardio is laughter, Monté is an avid shower singer, blogger, and self-professed pop culture encyclopedia. In others words, he’s a single man who missed his calling as a standup comedian, stripper, and cast member of The Real Househusbands of Philadelphia. Simply put, he’s full of useless information no one asked for, but he shares anyway.

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Intent to play a small role in leaving the world in better condition than it was when she arrived, Toni is a vegan yogi, birth doula, and mother of three. Make no mistake, she’s not all crystals and incense — this rose has thorns.

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Together, Monté & Toni bring their siblinghood and friendship to forefront, and mesh their love for pop culture, comedy and well to offer a unique prospective on the world.

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